Below are links that may be useful to keeping up with your pet’s health care needs.

The first humane organization to be granted legal authority to investigate and make arrests for crimes against animals… Read More »

ASPCA Poison Control Center
A resource for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… Read More »

Are you looking for pet insurance? Did you know pet insurance can save you hundreds of dollars on unexpected veterinary expenses? Do you want peace of mind that costs will be covered when your pet is unexpectedly sick or injured? Check out Trupanion’s website for more information on coverage and obtain free quotes.

The Pet Loss Support Hotline is a non-profit program provided by the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University.

The hotline was established to provide a nonjudgmental outlet for people to express their feelings and concerns when they are faced with the loss of their cherished animal companion. For more information and ways to contact the hotline.

We accept CareCredit! CareCredit offers special low or no-interest financing and low monthly payment options, no up-front costs, and no pre-payment penalties so you can keep up with all your pet’s health care needs

Last Chance Rescue
All animals deserve the right to a happy, healthy environment. Last Chance Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization committed to saving the lives of animals that otherwise would be destroyed.

We have been a licensed 501(c)3 non-profit organization for over 17 years, and have rescued over 27 thousand animals. Most from kill shelters or from research lists. We are diversified in taking in all types of dogs/cats/birds/rabbits – including providing medical, spay/neuter and giving them a chance at life and love.

AVMA FAQs on older pets
Frequently Asked Questions about caring for an older pet.

Find out more about what therapy lasers can do for your pet!

Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health at MSU
Visit Michigan State University’s DCPAH website for information on ticks, Leptospirosis, chronic renal disease, and more….

Red Barn Veterinary Medical Center

3767 E Highland Rd
Howell, Michigan, 48843

Phone: 517-548-6563

Vet Services
We provide a wide variety of veterinary services to assist you and your pet. Learn more about the services we offer and how we're different.

Pet Health Checker
Use our Pet Health Checker tool to help you decide if your pet's symptoms require immediate attention or if you should continue to monitor those symptoms at home.